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A new smart block chain based marketplace for trading digital goods & assets according to users interests.
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GreenBit Network is an unique block chain based marketplace, where online buyers purchases green products with the ease of payments with conventional payment methods and crypto-currencies methods

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How Crypto payment and block chain revolutionize the world of online green marketplaces and unite the vendors with distinct unique product advantages. (Green Index newly added in)
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What is GreenBit Network Token?
GreenBit Network token is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the used in GreenBit Network Global Accelerator’s Marketplace.
Round 1
Dec 1 – Jan 31
1 Eth = 10000 GBN Tokens
12 500 000 Hard cap
Round 2
Feb 1 – Apr 14
1 GBN Token = 0.00014 ETH Token rate
12 500 000 Hard cap
Round 3
Jun 1 – Sep 15
1 GBN Token = 0.00014 BTC Token rate
10 000 000 Hard cap

In order to make GBN token distribution process more efficient, the  price will now be linked to Eth:

1 Eth : 10000 GBN tokens

Fund distribution
  • 350 millions Token
  • 150 millions Token sale
  • 10 millions Hard Cap
  • $0.04 - Coin price
Token distribution
  • 45% Distributed to Community
  • 25% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 2% “Bounty” campaign
Our Strategy and Project Plan
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Our Core Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Andrew Se Bee Teck
Founder | Blockchain Development | Technepreneur

Andrew Se in an active Entepreneur and is successfully running some companies. He is an active Crypto and Block chain activist and have been sharing actively in knowledge and experience to help the global community. is one of his brain child. He is in charge of GreenBit Network token sale activities.

Charles Manco Ram
Co-Founder | Business Development

Charles Ram have been running businesses for more than 30 years and is an avid global investor. And he have been active since the past 2 years for Crypto and block chain space. He is in charge of the marketing and sale.

sean latest 3
Sean Morier
Core Member | Business Development Director | Research and Development

Sean Morier has more than 5 years Experience in Organic Foods, Nutraceutical Ingredients, Food Supplements, Functional Foods, Diary and Non Diary Products.
He is also an education specialist and media person.

Thomas Tan
Core Member | Social Media and Channel Sale

Thomas Tan is an Entrepreneur. Also, he is well versed in social media campaigns and has personal interest in block chain technology

Rickson Goh
Core Member | Technology Architect

Rickson Goh is very experienced in building Mobile Applications and Websites. He is well versed in Mobile and Technology Architecture.

Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
edwin cropped
Edwin Koh
Media and Business

Chief Operating Officer at MyChinaChannel Pte Ltd. A Senior Sale and Marketing leader with 25 years of experience and proven track record in multi-national corporations Samsung, Singtel, MediaCorp, Far East Organization and Asia Pactific Brewery Limited.

Amar (1)
Amarpreet Singh
Blockchain and Technology Advisor

A Technology/Digital enthusiast and a seasoned professional with years of experience in operations, consulting and innovation of the Tech industry, Amar’s background includes working with Tier 1 firms such as Microsoft (APOC Operation Manager), the World Bank (Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Economic Advisor), Airbus etc., and advising startups and speaking at various technology forums. He is currently advisor to token sales like, SetCoins,io,, etc.

Leonard Tan
Block chain and Fintech

Leonard Tan is a software engineer at Visa, working on data products & platform development. He has built a secure cryptowallet for CoinHako as well as full-stack Ethereum dapps. He has also implemented internal systems for FintechNews and EthVPN, and is a technical advisor for multiple token sales including An active volunteer at Ethereum Foundation involved with ENS, he has been invited to present at blockchain events across the world in the US (ETHDenver), Singapore, UAE (ICANN60), as well as Ghana (Ghana Blockchain Conference)

Dean Anastos
Media and Blockchain

An Entrepreneur. Founder of a number of successful companies including Apollo Financial Group and Mortgage Float. Media and Blockchain Development. Advisor, Token Sale, Youtube Maker of RiseoftheICOs –

Crypto Community Folks Affiliated
Green Products (Health, Organic and Technological) and growing
Years of Combined knowledge and Experience of the team
Core Green Vendors(Health, Organic and Technological) and Growing
modes of payment (Credit Card, Paypal and Crypto)
Core Team members and Advisors of immense credentials and credibility
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
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Trust – Ethereum Wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

GBN intends to globally connect green vendors (especially health and organic products) to consumers worldwide. The block chain can help on non-sensitive and non-private information like the product information and certification transparency and clarity, and the shipping and logistics information for track and trace that in the process manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers might dispute if there I not effective and efficient tracking. This is to reduce harmful chemical usage in green products which comprise of raw ingredients, manufacturing and package process, and also lower the cost of green products. And to reduce the carbon footprint so that consumers and vendors can save cost, time, manpower, machinery and resources.

Part 1: Consumers’ challenges and solutions on choices of products and services pertaining to the 3 pillars mentioned above diagram.

Education / awareness and community building pillar

  1. Lack the relevant knowledge and information for buying / renting?
    Challenge: Know the benefits and advantages of these products due to the lack of health information and knowledge so that the consumers know what products and services is suitable for themselves.
    Solution: More ranges of green (Health and organic products for main focus) and domains experts educating on products and ingredients.

Information and certification pillar

  1. Pricing versus quality? (Product contains harmful chemical?)
    Challenge: The consumers will compare prices in the Ecommerce platforms with similar non-green or non-organic products without really knowing the difference in quality and whether it is having chemical and go for cheaper products based on pricings.
    Solution: Having better and accurate products and services information and certification.

Technology pillar

  1. Perception of price of green products is more expensive?
    Challenge: The price of Green (health and organic) Products and Services are perceived to be more expensive than conventional products and ServicesSolution: With real customers’ review and pricings versus benefits comparisons
  2. Where to get and options of green products / services?
    Challenge: Which websites / places / mobile apps to get find the options and the options they have when purchasing green products and services.Solution: Getting more discounts or rebates when conventional payment when GreenBit Network token is used as compared to using conventional payment methods which have certain discounts or rebates also.

Part 2: Vendors’ challenges and solutions of starting and expanding their business pertaining to the 3 pillars mentioned above in section 4’s diagram.

Vendors would have more opportunities to increase their sale and more repeated sales if the challenges above are addressed properly

Education / awareness and community building pillar

  1. Challenge: Green vendors are connected to Ecommerce platform that might not focused in green platform
    Solution: This green platform gathers defragmented worldwide green vendors and focus mainly on green platform that helps them in various ways and linkages to the consumers and global community.
  2. Challenge: Lack of marketing and advertisement budget.
    Solution: Our platform resolves this issue for the vendor by having more funds allocated for marketing and advertisements to promote the products and services.
  3. Challenge: Issue in retention and customer loyalty.
    Solution: To use this GBN to help vendors have more customer’s retention and customer loyalty via good logistics, customer loyalty and retention programs, more choices of products and services and brand awareness and recognition.

Information and certification pillar

  1. Challenge: Getting certification is not cheap.
    Solution: Assisting them to certificate done in simpler and cheaper alternatives.Also, products will be listed by priority when is proven with more certification (optional but preferred), information, carbon footprint, in this way they need to improve their product quality to be in a top priority list.

Technology platform pillar

  1. Challenge: Setting up an Ecommerce platform is not easy to manage due to lack of set up technical expertise, lack of good management with high expansion cost.
    Solution: The technical expertise and good management for the Ecommerce challenges would be addressed as we resolve the issues for them as our green platform fronts it.
  2. Challenge: Starting capital, need mid to long financial buffer for physical shops to sustain their businesses including their rental and cash flow.
    Solution: We would actually building the Ecommerce platform so that they can actually offload this starting capital and financial sustainability, and indirect cash flow issues of finding vendors, consumers, marketing and advertising.

Three pillars to support the GBN platform are described in details as follows:

  1. Education: Change human behaviour via education and awareness, and global community building for green (including health and organic) community.
  2. Information: Green products and services information, and optional certification to provide consumer choices and solutions.
  3. Technology platform: To globally connect green vendors and consumers worldwide via this technology platform.

More Elaboration:

  1. Education / awareness and community building pillarThis proposed education pillar would be further accelerated by growing our global green social community. Social communities are known to be very powerful due to their peers and related domain experts’ influence. To gain rapidly vendors, consumers and community bases, we intend to educate and create awareness via GBN platform. The following diagram shows what it takes for the GBN Global Green Social Eco system to grow.Part of the important group we intend to focus on is LOHAS. According to market analysis, LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a 200 over billion USD market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice LOHAS. And some other groups mentioned in the reports below is an important growing group of consumers to be main stream market, there are an estimated 23% of USA population which practice LOHAS, and in Japan is 29%, and in many parts of the world is growing at alarming speed.. More than anything, what separates LOHAS types from non-LOHAS types is an abiding interest in integrating their values across many areas of their lives. LOHAS consumers don’t just care about what they put in their bodies, but also what they put their bodies in. Why they buy green building products, eat organic food or use renewable power, their personal health is as much a driver as reducing environmental impact. They like that they can make small choices, through their purchases and habits that support both concerns. And this market segment motivates GreenBit Network as mainly block chain practice immutable transaction, and transparency via block chain for most information and also we are focused in quality food. So we can build LOHAS and non-LOHAS communities as well as target the market segments on the respective consumers.In addition, the domain experts like doctors and physicians and environmental information listed in GBN website, mobile applications and also on our own health channels, where they could give suggestions and advice:
    1. The benefits of the ingredients of products on our website on health.
    2. The ingredients intake should not be more or less than certain amounts.
    3. When to take it, when not, and how.
    4. The domain experts can even state what is good for these products and how to use the products better, or how to combine them with other products.

    For example, creating some public channels using video (including YouTube and GBN) channels, blogs, forums, Facebook, and other channels on the health and environmental impact on plastic usage (for example, we can produce and promote videos on micro / nano-plastics contamination) are some of the several ways we intend to create public education and awareness. In addition, we intend to invite domain experts like researchers, analysts, scientist, doctors, physicians, and environmentalists to give professional talks through online channels, and also to provide public seminars and talks on these products, services, technologies and practices and present it in our website, mobile applications, media and social media channels. These channels would be real-time and interactive. Advertising income can be collected also if there are corporates and individuals who would want to advertise on this platform.

  2.  Information and certification pillarGreen certification, users and public reviews and feedback will be available in GBN’s block chain, GBN can ensure that these products displayed are truly green and listing’s priority will be given to certified green products (although green certification to list the products is optional) and every step of the process is timestamped and verifiable by consumers via block chain. This principle takes centre stage since that is the application of the block chain. More will be described below in the GBN process’s listing process.
  3. Technology platform pillarAs part of our efforts to help mitigate environmental damage, The GBN platform will create a global network platform to assist vendors of green products and services to acquire the necessary documents / certificates (if they cannot afford them) when they get listed on the platform. It is pertinent to state that some of the products / services available on our platform would be tested and proven prior to being listed in priority.

No, this is first of its kind. This green platform gathers de-fragmented worldwide green vendors and focus mainly on green platform that helps them in various ways and linkages to the consumers and global community.

Health and organic products are the main focus.

Connecting the green consumers with green vendors through influencing with green education and green information about the products

Have you found the right linkage between customer needs and impact?

Yes business to consumers will suit well for a start as there is huge green (including health and organic) demand in worldwide.

Estimated 200 billion USD market size annually and growing  with organic products and Health products alone, plus green lifestyle products and energy efficiency, by 2025 it will grow to 350Billion USD annually, 6 billion USD market for Singapore alone, larger elsewhere.

Year 1, GBN will connect up the vendors and consumers starting from Singapore to worldwide.

GBN is projecting a minimum of 1 to 3 percent of the global organic food and products global market share within the next 3 to 5 years. This is easily 2 to 5 Billion USD or even more from this category of health and organic segment alone. In the long term, GBN intends to branch out to other green market segments.

Please refer to road map for more details.

Traditional green companies who might do the similar things and big ecommerce giants like, and However, our niche is technology innovation and collaboration with vendors, our green education and community building, information and certification.

It is not easy to execute and do it well and big due to programming and integration of website, database, mobile apps, statistics gathering and analysis, logistics, channel sales, customer traffic and growing vendor base, among many others.

  1. Strength: We have a good management and green team; it is gigantic market 200 over billion USD even for health and organic products alone.
  2. Weakness: The Company is new to the field, with some experienced core team members and advisors will leverage with experienced professionals, consultants and companies including logistic companies.
  3. Opportunities: Many new untapped market like green market that is new and growing like renewable energy to connect to defragmented vendors worldwide and those community lacking accurate and reliable information about the products and services.
  4. Threat: More traditional green companies and big E-Commerce do the similar business and also join in the fun, that’s why to add on point 7 above, we need to stay focused and neutral in information providing, and build a huge vendor base, grow a big community, and critical mass of consumers base. Also be scalable with technology including good payment system and wallets, as well as shipping and logistic tie ups to have advantage for a start.

Yes, we did some surveys with our friends and vendors we meet. Some green businesses are not easy due to high starting cost and marketing, most platforms their customers are scattered, but we are focusing to connect green vendors to green consumers with optional certification listing. Many of the green vendors welcome this type of platform.

We are looking at collaboration with third party labs and plus our own processes to improve listing quality, and eventually work with certificate bodies.

Connecting and aligning green resources together first by connecting green vendors to consumer via this platform for health and organic products, as mentioned in point 1 above so as to reduce harmful chemical usage in green products and also lower the cost of green products via mass scale.


The vendors need more exposure and consumers wants education to learn from domain experts and need also information to make purchasing decision.

Green vendors will work with GreenBit Network to get accredited, who is optional by highly encouraged.

Those who gets accredited will get more listing’s priority

What is the accreditation process?
Please refer to white paper in the website.

Estimated 6 months to 1 year to break even as we are starting to link vendors to consumers via this GBN platform as soon as the crowd sale ends, meanwhile, we are in talks with logistic companies, the green communities and vendors.

Payment by credit cards and PayPal get some discounts or rebate, but using GBN tokens to purchase products and services can get slightly more discounts. The loyal GBN tokens consumer can get loyalty vouchers also. The tokens would be listed in open cryptocurrency exchanges.

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    "News about India potentially cracking down on cryptocurrencies added to an already bad week in terms of headlines," said Andrew Se, cryptocurrency trader and co-founder of research website “We’re still correcting as the rally had gone too far."


    I am happy and excited to chance upon a token sale of GreenBit Network Http://GreenBit.Online via a Crypto friend which recommended me and gave me some initial good insights and I went on to research more on this project, which in crypto and block chain community a token sale is commonly known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


    This is a Crypto in Singapore spotlight. A segment where I give some shoutout to the local boys and snoop around at the talent that we have in Blockchain City, Singapore. GreenBit Network founding members Andrew and Charles shares their ambitious vision in uniting the green community on the blockchain.