Terms and Conditions for this GBN Token Sale’s Ether (ETH) to GBN Token numbers Allocation

* Contributors (GBN Token Purchasers) will receive minor decimal place discrepancies   (below 0.05%) of total GBN tokens

for every Ether (ETH) sent to smart contract due to Ethereum smart contract’s unique programming language characteristics.

* ALL GBN Tokens will be distributed within 2 weeks after completion of the GBN main token sale,

* ALL tokens will be locked into the smart contract until “Know Your Clients” (KYC) requirements and legal requirements are fulfilled,

subject to approval from GreenBit Holdings Pte Ltd and other relevant authorities. 

* GBN Token Purchasers must pass pre or post “KYC” requirements and anti-money laundering regulations (AML) or

any law compliance and requirements. Otherwise, the GBN tokens will be refunded to the contributor.

*  GreenBit Network (GBN) Token is Ethereum ERC 20 Compliant.

* While Token Offer lasts.

* Please refer to GBN token Sale Agreement for Details: GBN Token Sale Agreement-Early Bird

Please email us for more info:

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